Vineyard Maintenance Schedule

January – March

  • Dormant pruning of vines
  • Strip spray of vine rows
  • Irrigation system check-up
  • Begin Fungicide rotation at Budbreak

April – June

  • Spring Fertilizer application
  • Tie and Train vines
  • Begin Irrigation
  • Pest control (gophers, squirrels, etc.)
  • Replant dead or diseased vines

July – September

  • Tuck Shoots and pull leaves around fruiting zone
  • Crop thinning if necessary
  • Discontinue Fungicides after Verasion
  • Netting of Vines
  • Sugar sampling to begin in September and continue until time of harvest

October – December

  • Remove Bird Netting
  • Put down cover crop seed (if necessary)
  • Winter fertilizer application